Walt & Whitman Brewery Saratoga Springs, NY

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Walt & Whitman Brewing was built to occupy the interior of the former Saratogian newspaper building. Phinney Design stayed sensitive to this space’s historic nature, centering the project around the revitalization and restoration of the original 1902 building.

The overall space is meant as a duality: the rustic Whitman Brewery is housed beneath Walt Café, an in-house coffee roaster. A clean, modern aesthetic is flanked by the soft edges of lounge style furniture and historic materiality. While each program is meant to feel distinct from one another, both texture and its historic envelope express the space as one cohesive experience.

Stylish office space with exposed brick walls, industrial-style ceiling with ducts, a mix of modern and vintage furniture including metal chairs and colorful upholstered seating, a bold red area rug, and modern lighting fixtures.