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Victory Mills Victory, NY

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A large, gray industrial building with a tall central tower, situated behind a small river lined with rocks, trees, and fenced grassy areas. Clear skies overhead.Stone sign reading "Victory Mill 1846" with overgrown foliage surrounding it.Aerial view of a building surrounded by parking lots and landscaped areas with trees and greenery, bordered by a curved pathway and water body on the left side.Cutaway view of a modern two-story apartment with a living area, kitchen, and dining area on the lower level and a bedroom on the upper level.

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Victory Mills provides a dynamic mix of retail spaces and 98 new residences for Saratoga County. The Mill is currently designated as a Brownfield Opportunity Area and will utilize innovative green building technologies throughout the facility.

The project saved a turn of the century Mill that was once the heart of the village’s economy. A poured concrete shell and load bearing timber frame interior will be restored while incorporating modern elements of design and code compliant regulations.

Architectural elevation drawing of a multi-story building with multiple window rows, labeled sections, and various textured acrylic finishes indicated.