Green two-story house with a detached garage set in a wooded area.

The Timbers at Loudon Ridge Wilton, NY

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Two-story green house with white trim and detached garage, surrounded by trees.Two-story green house with brown roof, large windows, and attached screened porch.Hallway with wooden furniture, lamps, and an open doorway leading to stairs.Cozy living room with a fireplace, TV, rustic decor, and red accents.

Sweeping the Saratoga Showcase of Homes Awards for Best Interior Layout, Best Exterior Design, Best Interior Decorating, Best Kitchen, and Best Landscaping, this house integrates high-tech heating and cooling strategies with passive design. Orientation, window placement, and careful geometric planning drove initial considerations which were supplemented by heat-sensitive, mechanical venting, radiant systems, and high-velocity air conditioning.

Incorporating all natural materials (either salvaged or with recycled or recyclable content) with heat-recovery ventilation and a 94% efficiency boiler, allow low energy use and high indoor air quality. The project became the first certified “Healthy House” by the American Lung Association in upstate New York.

Cozy reading nook with leather chair, side table, lamp, and stone wall with painting.