Queensbury Hotel in Glens Falls, New York, surrounded by tall trees and a park area in the foreground.

The Queensbury Hotel Glens Falls, NY

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Ivy-covered buildings with large arched windows and a white gate, along a tree-lined sidewalk.Queensbury Hotel, Glens Falls, N.Y., surrounded by trees and a park.Brick building with tall arched windows and red awnings, surrounded by green trees and a grassy park area in the foreground.webqueensbury_hotel139_thumb

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For the past ninety years, the Queensbury Hotel has served as an unofficial centerpiece for the city of Glens Falls, New York. Overlooking City Park on Ridge Street, the hotel is proud to announce that after 60 years they are once again able to provide a locally owned experience to the visitors of Glens Falls. The owner is working in conjunction with Spruce Hospitality LLC and Phinney Design Group, out of Saratoga Springs, to breathe new life into the historic hotel. The investment being put into the Queensbury will revitalize the hotel and conference centers to provide up to date aesthetic that match the hotel’s high standards of guest service.
The team is looking to make renovations to the lobby, guest rooms and multiple conference and meeting centers, aiming to refresh the look of the hotel while maintaining the historic appeal the building has become synonymous with. The goal of this transformation is to return the Queensbury to the destination that it once was with a consistent emphasis on the guest experience.

Luxurious office lobby with high ceilings, large painting, elegant chandelier, fireplace, plush seating, and a revolving door entrance.