A large, multi-story mansion with awnings, situated on a grassy hill and surrounded by trees.

Spring Lawn Resort Lenox, MA

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Large mansion with striped awnings on hillside.Spacious, elegant room with vaulted ceilings, dark wood paneling, ornate furniture, and various decorative items including plants and lamps.Snowy mansion with kids building a snowman and sledding.A spacious room with wooden floors, dark wood paneling, arched ceilings, and elegant lighting fixtures. There are a few people standing and talking. The room is furnished with a large circular table, chairs, green armchairs, and small tables.

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Phinney Design Group was retained by Berkshire Legacy, a boutique resident membership venture by Ilk 100, LLC to lead the adaptive reuse and restoration at Spring Lawn a historic “Berkshire Cottage” in Lenox, Massachusetts. Spring Lawn is a distinctive property: a gilded age beaux-arts summer residence including an estate house, carriage house, landscaped grounds and woodlands. Phinney Design Group undertook comprehensive analysis of the historic structures and developed a series of redevelopment alternatives converting the home into a unique residence hotel integrating modern conveniences and tastes with the existing building fabric.

During the design process, Phinney Design Group was requested to undertake master planning for the entire property, including the design of new residential units befitting the historic estate. This challenge was met with the design of a new manor house, combining recreational and family accommodations into the property. Ongoing design efforts include the operational needs of a full service resort within the natural setting and relaxing environment of the estate experience.

Modern bedroom and living room suite with white walls.