Modern lodge with balconies and landscaped entrance.

Silver Bay YMCA of the Adirondacks Silver Bay, NY

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Modern lodge with a white wooden porch.Two-story rustic building with balconies and a lawn.View through a large timber-framed structure with exposed beams, stone columns, and a paved walkway leading to a scenic landscape featuring a lake, trees, and hills in the background.Covered outdoor walkway with wooden pillars and stone bases, leading to a glass entrance door, with modern ceiling lights and rocking chairs along the side.

Phinney Design Group has implemented the first major capital improvement at Silver Bay since the late 1970’s. A new 22 room lodge and conference facility designed to operate as an independent, year-round facility within the Silver Bay campus was finished in 2018. The dining hall has been modernized with serving and food distribution systems capable of increasing the quality and experience of dining on campus.
PDG has initiated a series of charrette style information meetings with various Silver Bay constituencies, including operations personnel, management, and the board itself. These meetings have continuously refined and focused the programmatic needs contributing to this new building, and have resulted in the investigation of a single comprehensive facility with both rooms, conference, and general dining capabilities.

Covered porch with wooden rocking chairs, large stone pillars, and a scenic view of a lawn, colorful autumn trees, and a distant lake and mountains.