Modern house illuminated at night

Saranac Getaway Saranac Lake, NY

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Illuminated modern house against a twilight sky.Modern wooden house with large windows and stone foundation amidst trees.Rustic house entrance with stone pathwayRustic kitchen and dining area with stone fireplace.

This dramatic mountain meadow site with views of the Adirondacks drove the location of this camp and its interior organization. To achieve the best view, the camp was tucked into the top of the hillside at the edge of the tree grove, allowing for a sinuous approach to the camp that makes the structure a surprise at the end of the road. The owners desired a modern interpretation of the Adirondack Camp, with a focus on natural materials and craftsmanship.

The main building is composed of a series of dynamic yet simple forms that when put together create a cohesive, elegant structure. These spaces are focused on the views towards the mountains and open up to the more immediate surroundings of the field, thus bringing the outside in.