AIA Award Winner badge. Large, rustic-style house with stone and wood exterior, multiple peaked roofs, and expansive lawn in the foreground.

Rustic Modern on Lake George Hague, NY

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Large rustic house with a stone and wood exterior, surrounded by trees and green grass, under a partially cloudy sky.Large rustic house with stone and wood exterior, surrounded by green lawn and trees, overlooking a lake with mountains in the background.Large rustic house with stone and wood exterior, surrounded by greenery and tall trees, under a partly cloudy sky.Large stone and wooden house with two gable-roofed wings, set against a blue sky with clouds.

This custom home is positioned on a small Lake George peninsula, an ideal location that provides the owners with panoramic views of the surrounding lake and mountains. The sprawling, linear design capitalizes on the extensive shoreline and accentuates the scenic views from each window.

The exterior palette was designed to blend in with the surrounding Adirondack landscape. Locally sourced granite stone veneer acts as the base to the home. Traditional poplar bark, cedar shake siding, and the exposed timber structure compliments the forested surroundings and creates natural variations in color and texture. Copper roofing and cedar shingles allow for complex curved surfaces with traditional and durable styling. The custom clay-red hue of the windows is derived from traditional Adirondack vernacular and provides a natural contrast to the local granite. A circular outdoor shower overlooks the lakeshore, and the home’s central screened porch is oriented towards a 100+ year old oak tree that sits by the edge of the water.

The careful consideration and blending of old and new was integral to the interior design process. 100-year-old reclaimed white oak timbers frame the great room. Salvaged doors and transoms are incorporated to provide a sense of timelessness that contrasts the minimalistic detailing, trimwork, and color palette. Vintage copper window sashes were repurposed as mirrors, and a custom vintage gramophone was converted into an outdoor chandelier.

Through the incorporation of hand-brushed cabinets, steel smith fabricated timber plates, and a handmade range hood, artisans of each trade were employed to add to the overall craftsmanship and uniqueness of the design. Handmade bronze fireplace doors, a reclaimed white oak mantel, and patinaed steel panels compliment the natural earth tones of the exterior.

Open-concept living and kitchen area with vaulted ceiling, exposed wooden beams, a large stone fireplace, and floor-to-ceiling windows offering a scenic outdoor view.