Exterior view of a spa and medical office with illuminated interior displays, seen from a sidewalk at night.

Ridha Spa and Treatment Center Saratoga Springs, NY

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Exterior view of a brightly lit spa storefront at night with the signs "Sanctuary Spa" and "Jeffrey Ridha M.D."Modern wellness spa reception area with wooden and white accents, well-lit shelving displays various skincare products, and a curved reception desk featuring floral arrangements.Modern waiting area with white and gray chairs, a round coffee table, wood paneling, and illuminated shelving displaying various reading materials and magazines.Modern reception area with a curved desk, wooden accent wall, and shelving displaying products.

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Phinney Design Group was hired by Dr. Ridha, M.D. to turn a snug urban fitout into a combination medical office and day spa. A circular central reception core is bisected to serve both spa customers and medical patients efficiently and with privacy. From this core a perimeter of private spaces radiate outward, distributed along a hall with integrated low-lighting to begin the serene experience before treatment.

Examination and treatment areas are interchangeable, maximizing flexibility in limited space. Curved custom millwork forms and ample reclaimed barn-wood surfaces play against chic black and white to concoct an upscale and contemporary, yet soothing ambiance throughout the space.

Modern interior of a spa or beauty clinic with product displays, a curved reception desk, and a mix of wooden and tiled flooring.