Cozy living room with stone fireplace, wooden shelves, and a flat screen TV, featuring a brown couch and a grey armchair.

Piseco Lake Retreat Piseco Lake, NY

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A modern interpretation of Craftsmen vernacular provides a Washington, DC family an Adirondack respite overlooking Piseco Lake. A composition of slipping and intersecting planes characterizes the space, with multiple ceiling volumes and trim levels intersecting to form a dynamic visual grid. This interplay of clean, rectilinear forms creates unexpected adjacencies that bring each material’s properties into a new light.

The interior’s style and its up-close views of the lake allow occupants to imagine that they are in a steamship relaxing at sea. Placement of the house and orientation of floor elevations gives the viewer the feeling of floating on the water from the main living and bedroom levels. Though newly built and abiding by modern design principles, the project achieves a sense of timelessness and rooting in the cultural heritage of the Adirondacks.

Spacious living room with wooden beams, large windows, and a view of a lake and mountains.