Crowd gathering in a landscaped park area with buildings.

NYRA Masterplan Saratoga Springs, NY

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Crowd gathered at a horse racing track paddock.Aerial view of a park event with many attendees.Tree-lined street with people walking and shopping.Illuminated wooden tower at dusk in a park

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Phinney Design Group has been working with the New York Racing Association (NYRA) on multiple projects for the historic Saratoga Race Track which originally opened to the public in 1863 making it America’s oldest sporting venue. In 2011 Phinney Design Group started to develop an overall Master Plan for the Saratoga Race Course. The team examined many aspects of operations, evaluated programming requirements and verified existing conditions of the current facilities. The new Master Plan focused on developing spatial needs, level of service and operational changes to enhance the visitors’ experience.

The “At the Rail” Building is a new facility that was developed out of the spatial needs and operational changes that were clarified in the previously completed NYRA Master Plan. The new “At the Rail” facility will host the most distinguished clientele located in a prominent position next to the historic Clubhouse adjacent to the finish line. The new building will house three (3) stories of hospitality suites, open balconies and restaurants establishing a new level of high-end dining not currently available at the Saratoga Race Track.

A large crowd gathers in a park-like area surrounded by trees and buildings, with some people watching horses on a circular path.