Wooden gazebo with tables and benches in park.

Northville Pavilions Northville, NY

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Wooden park pavilion with picnic tables and benches.Wooden gazebo in a park.Gazebo with picnic tables overlooking a lake.Wooden gazebo in a forest.

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When the Village of Northville wanted a new vision for its downtown park, Phinney Design Group, in collaboration with Elan Planning and Design, envisioned a new park with Adirondack inspired structures. Containing a new band shell and covered picnic areas overlooking the waterfront, the new community space offers guests a place to break from the busy main street and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Nautical details, such as lashing and native eastern white cedar columns combined with Adirondack influences of natural stone and wood provide visitors with an atmosphere reminiscent of an earlier time in the region’s history.

Gazebo with picnic tables overlooking a lake.