Scenic view of a lakeside resort in autumn.

Mohonk Mountain House – Tower Suite and Central Building New Paltz, NY

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Lakeside resort surrounded by autumn trees.Rustic lodge with multiple dormer windows.Stone building with red tiled roof and tower.Historic porch with wooden doors and shingle siding.

Phinney Design Group has worked with Mohonk Mountain House to develop a working Master Plan that covers the next 30 years of growth at the historic resort. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Mohonk is a premier destination for resort travel in the Northeast. With 140 years of hospitality and environmental stewardship, Mohonk has a rich history which they have been working to maintain and enhance in the ever changing resort market.
Phinney Design Group has worked with Mohonk on a variety of major capital improvement projects, including the new Gate House, Tower Suite, Parlor Lounge, and Sunset Lounge renovations at Mohonk Mountain House, and recently the major renovation project to the Main Entrance Porte Cochere, Central Building Lobby and Guest Rooms. The ongoing relationship has had a dramatic impact on the guest experience at the resort and has helped balance the resort’s revenue stream in the market place.

Luxurious bedroom with a circular design, featuring a large bed, elegant wood paneling, a red carpet with floral patterns, and arched windows and doors.