A large, modern house with a gray shingle roof, expansive windows, stone accents, and intricate paving stones in the driveway, set against a backdrop of trees and a lake.

Modern Shingle Style Diamond Point, NY

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A large, modern house with a gray shingle roof, expansive windows, stone accents, and intricate paving stones in the driveway, set against a backdrop of trees and a lake.Entrance of a high-end building with stone pillars, a dark wooden door, and large windows.Modern outdoor lounge area with reclining chairs, cushioned hanging chairs, a coffee table, stone flooring, and a ceiling fan, overlooking a picturesque lake surrounded by trees.Modern, upscale house with wooden shingles, large windows, and stone pillars, surrounded by trees and rocky terrain.

Our client approached us with a vision of creating a sustainable and harmonious lake house that seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings while offering modern amenities and comfort.

The agreed-upon goals of the project were to prioritize sustainability, utilize local materials, achieve high-quality craftsmanship, pay attention to detail, promote a happy work culture, and create a design that enhances the well-being of the occupants.

The completed project successfully addressed these goals through a holistic approach. Sustainable practices such as passive solar design, rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling, and energy-efficient systems were integrated into the architecture. Local materials like indigenous timber sourced sustainably and reclaimed elements were used extensively, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint while supporting the local economy. The choice of materials and construction techniques also aimed to reduce waste and optimize energy performance.

Luxurious living room with a high vaulted ceiling featuring exposed wooden beams, a large antler chandelier, floor-to-ceiling arched windows, leather furniture, and a view of a lake through the glass doors.
Spacious living room with large arched windows overlooking a lake, featuring a stone fireplace, leather chairs, wood beams, and an antler chandelier.

To address design challenges, we conducted thorough site analysis, including sun path studies, wind analysis, and geological assessments. Collaborating closely with engineers, and skilled craftsmen, we developed tailored solutions to maximize natural light, ventilation, and views of the lake while maintaining energy efficiency and comfort. This involved strategic placement of windows and shading elements, passive ventilation systems, and insulation strategies to minimize heat loss and gain.

The architecture of our project positively impacts the community in several ways. It sets an example of sustainable living and responsible design practices, contributing to the preservation of the local environment. By promoting the use of local materials and engaging local craftsmen, it supports the regional economy and fosters a sense of community pride. Additionally, the design’s integration with nature and emphasis on well-being can inspire neighboring projects to consider similar principles, creating a ripple effect of sustainable development.

Sustainability was promoted within our project through various strategies. We incorporated a highly efficient envelope with close attention to air sealing, maximizing R Values, and high-performance windows. Storm water runoff controls were integrated into the design to allow treatment on site and prevent pollutants from enter the lake. On site materials were incorporated into the design including existing rock re-purposed as retaining walls.

Overall, our approach to this lake house project reflects a deep commitment to environmental stewardship, quality craftsmanship, and creating spaces that not only meet the needs of the occupants but also positively contribute to the broader community and environmental sustainability.