AIA Award Winner badge. Modern house with large windows in a wooded area.

Modern Adirondack Retreat Bolton Landing, NY

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Modern house with large glass windows and a stone chimney in a wooded area.Lakefront cabin surrounded by trees in autumn.Modern wooden building with large glass windows reflecting a forested exterior.Modern living room with large windows and chandelier.

The 2,905 square foot lake house was designed in close collaboration with the client, an architect known for his architectural renderings and illustrations. The main living space was built on an existing camp footprint. This was done to maintain the proximity to the lake as the existing camp was well beyond the required shoreline set back. The new master suite footprint was positioned at the minimum required shoreline set back and the two spaces were connected by a minimal glass hallway.

The design intent was to use natural materials with modern details, and to maximize the area of glass towards the lake. The 8’ cantilevered mezzanine hovers over the kitchen area creating a more intimate space, and a cantilevered masonry fireplace opening with interlocking bluestone lintels continues the strong linear lines. The sawtooth open staircase is anchored to granite chimney providing views of the stone through the stairway as well as, outside through the large glass wall behind the stair.

Modern living room with large windows and stone fireplace.