A large, two-story white house with a central entrance and symmetrical windows, viewed from a grassy lawn, with trees and a construction vehicle in the background.

Loudonville Estate Loudonville, NY

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A large two-story house with a complex roof design, tall windows, and a central entrance porch, situated on a grassy lawn with trees and construction equipment nearby.A large, old, two-story house with four chimneys, black shutters, and a snow-covered lawn surrounded by trees.Facade of an old, white brick building with tall windows, black shutters, and a wrought iron balcony above the entrance.Large brick house with green shutters and a mansard roof, surrounded by trees and a well-kept lawn.

On a hillside overlooking downtown Albany, Loudonville Estate presents a menagerie of architectural styles woven together through the use of like-materials and complimentary proportions. The Estate consists of a twentieth century Federal style residence, a revitalized historic brick home originally built in the nineteenth century, and a walled garden with a central pavilion.

To the southeast of the walled garden stands the historic Manor, once the centerpiece to the large estate. Great care was taken to restore this neglected structure, including restoration of the original brick fa├žade, shutters, brackets, and ironwork. The interior was respectfully renovated; these changes stay consistent with the historic character while providing modern convenience and amenity.

Modern kitchen with white cabinets, marble countertops, gas stove, black tiles on the backsplash, large range hood, and an island with a dark marble countertop.