Stone building with wooden pergola and black wrought iron gate.

Lake George Patio and Pergola Lake George, NY

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Elegant stone building with wooden pergola and black wrought iron gate, surrounded by lush greenery and trees.Stone building with wooden arched window, surrounded by a landscaped garden with rocks and lush greenery.Stone building with arched wooden windows, surrounded by landscaped greenery and a rock retaining wall.A small stone building with a metal roof, patio, outdoor seating, and landscaped surroundings set against a backdrop of autumn foliage.

Situated in the foothills of Lake George, this new outdoor patio, pergola and fireplace incorporates over 3,500 square feet of outdoor living space to an existing family estate. The third project that Phinney Design Group has completed for this property, the new garden/patio space incorporates a variety of natural boulders, flagging, and fabricated “Southbay Quartzite” stone from nearby Champlain Stone Ltd quarry. The project integrates a variety of local artisans with custom metal work and lamps, cedar timberwork, uniquely crafted screen doors and a large copper chimney pot.

The project highlights the contrast between large pieces of stone extracted from the quarry with sawn and refined paving/cap stones.

After twenty years of different projects on the estate, the plaza completes an overall site master plan that has converted the property to a park like setting.

Outdoor shaded patio with wooden beams, stone walls, and black metal furniture, surrounded by greenery.