Wooden shade structure in a forested area

Hudson Crossing Overlook Northumberland, NY

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Wooden canopy structure in a forest.Modern wooden pavilion with picnic tables.Wooden trellis structure with metal bolts.Curved wooden architectural structure with trees.

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The park master plan consists of many developments ranging from recreational trails and destinations to the construction of a large environmental education center. Phinney Design Group was commissioned by the organization to design the picnic pavilion and overlook structure. We were asked to design a structure that would be intriguing in form and reflective of the new life of the area, as the movement from a manufacturing economy to a tourism economy begins in the Upper Hudson River Valley.

The structure acts as a beacon to passersby on the canal system and on Route 4 which has recently been identified as the Lakes to Locks Passage, a National Scenic Byway. Programmatically, the structure would also serve as a meeting place, not for gatherings or functions but as a strong identifier on the trail system, an icon at which to meet.

Picnic shelter with unique curved roof design.