Rustic house with curved roofs, surrounded by greenery and garden at dusk.

Home Away From Home Greenfield, NY

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Large, rustic house with landscaped garden and stone pathway at dusk.A two-story house with a large deck and landscaped garden in a woodland setting.Craftsman-style home entrance with stone pillars, wooden doors, and greenery.A rustic two-car garage with stone base and brown shingles in a wooded area.

Resting in the wooded foothills of the Adirondacks, this house achieves a local vernacular reminiscent of both the arts and crafts style and farmsteads found in rural New England.

The architecture is determined by the local geography which can be identified by the prominent gables, hints of barn-style design integrated into the garage, the timber frame structure, and the careful details which provide weather protection and interior comfort.

Charming house with multi-level design and garden, surrounded by lush trees.