Cozy sunroom with wicker furniture and forest views.

Healthy House Wilton, NY

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Screened porch with wicker furniture, a table with a red cloth, and view of woods.Wooden-floored hallway leads to an open-plan living room and dining area.Modern living room with high wooden-beamed ceiling, loft railing, staircase, beige walls, and stylish furniture including a tan sofa, floral armchairs, and a brown leather ottoman.Modern living room with stone fireplace, elegant wooden staircase, leather ottoman, patterned armchair, and cozy decor.

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This home is one of only a few that is certified as a “Healthy House” by the American Lung Association. Respectfully integrated into its natural surroundings the home is environmentally conscious both inside and out. Timbers and natural stone are used densely throughout, aiding in the imitation of the surrounding environment and the seamless transition from the native landscaped outdoors to the eco-friendly interior.

A clerestory is located over the middle of the living space inundating natural light to the entire home. High performance windows, a sealed combustion fireplace, roof mounted photovoltaic array and high-efficiency air filtration systems are in place to support low energy use. The home is built with sustainable principles, techniques, and materials making it durable, low maintenance and energy efficient.

Modern kitchen with red walls, stainless steel appliances, and a cozy dining nook.