Historic brick building with red-roofed towers and multiple windows.

Harmony Mills Cohoes, NY

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A large red brick building with ornate towers and multiple windows, cloudy sky.Historic multi-story brick building with numerous windows on a cloudy day.Historic brick building with multiple towers and red, ornate rooftop features.Old industrial building with tall chimneys behind a bridge over a river with a small waterfall.

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Phinney Design Group was the Construction Administration Architect for Phase Two of the redevelopment of the Historic Harmony Mills in Cohoes, New York. The 250,000 square foot rehabilitation project consists of the creation of 135 loft style apartments, an indoor parking garage, new garage buildings, as well as the addition of an indoor pool area. The building was originally constructed from 1866-1872 as a cotton mill, with architecture characteristic of a Victorian era textile mill.

The building rises five floors above the Mohawk River and Cohoes Falls as well as the former Erie Canal, which powered the turbines that ran the former mill. Harmony Mills is on both the State and National Register of Historic Places and was the first project in New York State deemed eligible for federal historic tax credits. To ensure that the Harmony Mills luxury apartments kept their historical charm, Phinney Design Group worked with the existing structure of the building, including maintaining the window shape and style from the initial 1866 construction.

A historical photograph of a large brick building with dormer windows and towers, partially obscured by trees, behind a wooden fence, and with a dirt street and streetcar tracks in the foreground.