Stone and wood Tudor-style mansion with multiple gables in a lush green landscape.

Greenwich Estate Greenwich, CT

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Large, elegant stone and timber house with multiple pitched roofs, a central chimney, and an expansive green lawn in front.A large, elegant stone and timber house with multiple gables, large windows, and a tall tower set in a well-manicured lawn.Elegant dining room with a large wooden table, upholstered chairs, wooden paneling, coffered ceiling, large windows, and patterned curtains.Luxurious kitchen with an island, elegant chandelier, high-end appliances, white cabinetry, and geometric-patterned window treatments.

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Originally designed by the famous Philadelphia-based Dillon, McLellan & Beadel Architects, this home was one of the firm’s many masonic retirement homes. Built in 1920, this house was converted to a single-family residence, but maintained many of the religious carvings and masonic symbols original to the house.

Phinney Design Group was hired to do a complete interior renovation of the historic house. Most of the historically significant building components were preserved, and materials from the chapel (torn down by previous ownership) were used in the restoration of this grand iconic building.

Elegant wooden interior of an entryway featuring a staircase with carpeted steps, vintage furniture, a chandelier, and a large door with glass panels.