Sketch of a lodge with surrounding trees.

Camp Dippikill at SUNY Albany Warrensburg, NY

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Sketch of a cabin in a forest settingGreen cabin sketch with a central entrance.Rustic log cabin with a green exterior and a central door.Timber-framed cabin under construction

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Camp Dippikill is a private 850-acre wilderness retreat owned by the Student Association of the State University of New York (SUNY) University at Albany. Since 1956, Dippikill has offered visitors a glimpse of nature’s beauty while enjoying overnight visits in rustic-style Adirondack lodging. Phinney Design Group was chosen to design a new 12-person cabin, which will make it the only ADA-accessible lodge located at the wilderness retreat.

The new lodge will provide an ADA accessible kitchen, bathroom and sleeping accommodations for visitors and guests. Continuing Camp Dippikill’s tradition of lodge construction, all structural timber elements and wood finishes will be harvested through sustainable methods from the 850-acre site. The new lodge is expected to open during the Summer of 2016.

Green cabin sketch with a central entrance.