Modern building with red and white facade

AIM Services, Inc Wilton, NY

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Modern two-story building with red accents and lawn.Modern building with wooden porch and greenery.Building entrance with wooden cover and stone pillarsWell-lit building exterior at dusk

Phinney Design Group was hired by AIM Services, Inc. for architectural and interior design services as part of a Design Build team for their new headquarters in Wilton, New York. AIM Services is a local agency, comprised of seven varied departments who together manage a wide operational base of over 100 employees, accommodating those with special needs. Phinney Design Group designed a 15,000 square foot office space composed of three adjoining buildings; incorporating private and open offices, meeting areas, several training rooms and additional support spaces.

From the onset of the project, the design team worked closely with the contractor to assure the proposed exterior, interior and engineered systems were kept within the original budget and client’s intent for the project. Forming a team between the owner, architect, engineer, and builder allowed the group to properly prioritize aesthetics, schedule and budget; resulting in a design and building process that was completed on time and within the financial goals of the project.

Timber-framed building entrance at dusk.