Lakeside house with forest and mountains in background

Adirondack Boathouse Elk Lake, NY

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adkboat1-jpgLakeside deck with mountain view from indoorsLakefront house with deck and canoe storage.Lakeside deck with mountain view and wooden bench.

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Located in the Adirondack Park, the site contains steep sloping mountainous terrain, which terminates at the rocky shores of Elk Lake. Along with the boathouse repairs, the owners were looking to make site repairs to the existing stone access stair to the boathouse, and install a system of terraces that interacted with the natural sloping site and boathouse program. Additionally, the storm surge destroyed the existing septic pump house, and a new septic pump would need to be installed and relocated away from the shore.

Locally sourced, natural flagstone was installed at the site access stair, which brings the residents down the mountainside, in a serpentine manner, between existing trees and boulder features. The access stair terminates at the boathouse entry patio, while a new patio additions allow access to the shoreline boat launch, lower level deck and door entry. New Nanawall door systems were installed on the lake side of the boathouse to allow for ease of boat transport, but also to provide extensive views and connection to the swimming deck from the boathouse space.

Canoe in lakeside hut with mountain view.