550 Waterfront Saratoga Springs, NY

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Modern architectural building with expansive windows and outdoor dining area, situated by a lakeside with surrounding greenery.Modern lakeside building with large glass windows and outdoor seating area, illuminated at dusk.Modern beachside restaurant with wooden deck chairs, shaded outdoor seating, and contemporary architecture featuring large windows and wooden beams.Modern open-concept dining area with white wicker chairs, wooden tables, exposed ceiling beams, pendant lighting, and large glass garage-style doors with view of an outdoor patio and greenery.

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Following a tragic fire in 2016, Phinney Design Group was tasked with the design of a new bar and restaurant at the existing location on the shores of Saratoga Lake. Taking the opportunity to rebuild the new space to correct service and capacity issues experienced by the previous building, the project team was able to provide a modern, comfortable, and efficient kitchen space to maximize service and increase revenue for the popular lakeside destination.

Passive temperature control had a large influence on the overall design, with the incorporation of large operable doors and controlled ventillation allowing for comfortable air circulation.

In addition to the restaurant and bar, the new layout also incorporates an outdoor concert venue, outdoor bar service, and a direct connection with the beach.

Spacious and modern indoor dining area with wooden floors, white wicker chairs, dark brown tables, hanging pendant lights, and large glass doors offering a view of an outdoor seating area and greenery in the background.