Modern wooden house with large windows and stone foundation amidst trees.


Architecture Design Firm

Phinney Design Group advances architectural design projects through a collaborative and participatory environment of people, technology, and a network of multidisciplinary resources. Our professional architectural practice is at the heart of everything we do. From inception to completion, we pursue excellence in both our design as well as our service to clients. Our projects are people focused, challenged by sometimes conflicting human desires, refined by technology, and grounded by a commitment to environmental and social sustainability. Every architectural project we engage in is supported by a team of professionals with unique perspectives and experiences. We believe this diversity of voices makes us stronger as a group. Our architectural work focuses on executing important details, expressing a building’s function through the thoughtful combination of materials, methods and design.

A modern building facade with large glass windows, a sign reading

Why Choose Phinney Design Group

Phinney Design Group’s approach is based on “place making,” or discovery of what is special about an existing place, and sensitivity to not harm the physical and physiological significance when expanding or modernizing. Three essential principles are required: Projects need to reflect the unique circumstances and requirements of the location, being sensitive to the opportunities and constraints that exist there; we must clearly understand the client’s goals, communicating effectively from the first conversation throughout the entire design and construction process; and we must assist our clients in realizing potential that they themselves could not have known is possible. A singular, distinct style does not exist at Phinney Design Group because there is not a single formula to solve our clients’ needs; we are always responding to these core principles of place making. Our design process starts with carefully listening to our clients, clearly understanding what their goals for the project are and what the location is telling us, putting our egos aside. A foundation of the firm is to constantly prioritize and balance Aesthetics, Schedule, and Budget. Beauty is not the only indicator of our projects’ success; they also must be on budget, on time, and exceeding the clients’ needs in order for us to consider our job successful.

A modern wooden cabin with a slanted roof, surrounded by tall trees in a forest.


Innovative architectural solutions encompass new and creative approaches in design and technology to meet the evolving needs and challenges of the built environment. Modern innovative solutions include Biophilic design, Net-Zero Energy, Passive Design, Smart Building, Adaptive Reuse and Green Building Certification (LEED). Phinney Design Group incorporates many different types of Green Building technologies into our work, such as Geothermal Heating and Cooling, Green Roofs and Walls, Advanced Glazing, Dynamic Facades, Energy Storage Systems, Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Photovoltaic Panels.

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Inside Yaddo – Architectural Digest

Yaddo, a historic artist’s retreat located in Saratoga Springs, NY, has been highlighted in Architectural Digest for its commitment to both historic preservation and future expansion. Phinney Design was tasked to build Yaddo’s first ever live-work studios for choreographers and performance artists, and establish thoughtful goals to increase capacity, artistic diversity and operational efficiency. ARCHITECTURAL […]

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