Ground Breaking at Silver Bay YMCA

Phinney Design Group, a multi-disciplinary Architecture, Interior Design, and Construction Management firm located in Saratoga Springs, is pleased to announce the groundbreaking of the William Boyd Center, a Dining, Conference and Hotel Facility on the historic campus of the Silver Bay Association (Silver Bay YMCA), in Silver Bay, New York.   The project is the first major capital improvement at the property since the late 1970’s.

Working closely with Silver Bay YMCA, Phinney Design Group’s architectural and interior design refines and focuses the programmatic needs of the non-profit, resulting in the creation of a single comprehensive facility with rooms, conference, and general dining capabilities capable of four season use.  This two-story, 42,000 sq. ft. lodge and conference facility features 22 guest rooms with private baths and is intended to complement the natural Adirondack setting and of the rest of the campus.

By hosting a diversity of family, business, and not-for-profit groups in the winter season, it is hoped that Silver Bay will continue making greater contributions to the growth of the local economy through full time employment.  The conference facility is booking for the 2018 season.

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Construction site with signage for Phinney Design Group and The William Boyd Center.