With over 15 years of experience, Brennan Drake is a principal architect renowned for blending high-quality design with sustainability across a diverse array of projects. His portfolio spans luxurious high-end residences, dynamic commercial spaces, inviting hospitality venues, and innovative multifamily developments. Brennan thrives on the opportunity to immerse in different fields, continually expanding his expertise and bringing fresh perspectives to each endeavor.

What excites Brennan most is the chance to delve into new project types, fostering continual learning and growth while delivering exceptional results. Whether exploring the intricacies of residential design or navigating the complexities of commercial development, Brennan relishes the challenge of pushing boundaries and achieving excellence.

In addition to his design work, Brennan is deeply involved in the construction management process, ensuring projects come to life seamlessly from initial concept to final completion. From the very first design meeting to the exhilarating moment of handing over the keys on move-in day, Brennan is there every step of the way, coordinating and overseeing every detail to perfection.

Brennan’s career is a dynamic journey of exploration, creativity, and collaboration, with the privilege of transforming ideas into reality while making a positive impact on the built environment and the communities he serves.

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