Our Mission

Create Special Places | Be Responsible in Design | Balance Technical and Creative

Modern wood and stone house with large windows and a rock garden path.


From inception to completion, Phinney Design Group pursues excellence in architectural design. Our passionate and professional practice advances our client’s projects through a collaborative environment, where our unique perspectives and experiences are combined and then expressed through a thoughtful combination of execution, important details, materials, methods, experience, and design.

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Modern living room with large windows, chandelier, fireplace, and white sofas.

Interior Design

Interiors of buildings can be the most intimate experience of a project. At Phinney Design Group, we pay close attention to how it’s utilized and experienced. For some projects, interiors are the main and only event, while for others represent a portion of the overall effort. Utilizing our best design acumen, interiors are always considered when designing master plans and architecture programs.

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Front view of a partially constructed house with a green protective sheathing, wooden framework, and an unfinished roof.

Construction Management

Phinney Design Group ensures the highest levels of design and execution for residential projects by employing the process of Construction Management, which includes all aspects of the design, permitting, specification, and construction. By including our team of design professionals, the standard of design you set is carried through and overseen, resulting in superior final result.

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Restaurant building with outdoor seating by the waterfront at sunset.

About Phinney Design Group

Phinney Design Group is a multi-disciplinary Architecture, Interior Design, Green Building Consulting, and Construction Management Firm with a focus on sustainable and environmentally responsible construction methods. Practicing what we preach, Phinney Design Group is headquartered in a sustainable green building located on the corner of Beekman St. and Grand Ave. in the historic Dublin Neighborhood of Saratoga Springs, NY.

Phinney Design Group’s portfolio contains a wealth of diverse design experiences and projects. From architecture to interior design, landscape design to land use analysis, urban planning to rural planning, our firm has a long and accomplished track record of coordinating projects from the design phase through completion and construction, all while maintaining environmentally friendly standards.

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Yellow house with solar panels and a small garden in the front yard.

Green Building

The building industry currently consumes over 50 percent of the world’s natural resources and produces over 40 percent of the solid waste stream. How building projects are designed, constructed, and operated in today’s environmentally conscientious world, with its limited resources, is becoming more and more important. The emerging field of “green building” technologies and sustainable design is based upon the need to reduce human impacts on the environment.

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Masterful Design, Award-Winning Results

AIA New York State logo with a red emblem featuring a column and eagle wings. U.S. Green Building Council logo with oak leaf design and New York State of Opportunity, Adirondack Park Agency logo.
Common Roots Brewing Company building with red walls and angled roof.

2022 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Eastern NY, Honor Award, Common Roots Brewing Company

“Receiving five design awards in a single year is unprecedented and an exceptional honor for our design and construction management firm, it is extremely rewarding to see the talented group of people that make up Phinney Design Group achieve this recognition.”

Principal Architect, Phinney Design Group

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Broadway 385 building with shops on street level and balconies above.

2022 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Eastern NY, Honor Award, Common Roots Brewing Company

Our Mission

Create Special Places

Design places that will leave the user inspired while striving to always enhance the context and communities in which they are located. Assist our clients in realizing the potential of a project that they themselves could not have known possible.

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Be Responsible in Design

Assist in creating buildings that will stand the test of time and be responsive to the natural environment, sustainable in their solutions.

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Balance Technical and Creative

Communicate effectively and be dedicated to our clients. Technical thoroughness and accountability are equally as important as our create talents.

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